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1. Katherine. Abraham - An All India Professionals Congress fellow, Katherine recently completed her dream -triad of Law, Literature and Journalism. She is a teacher by profession and an author of 3 novels with her fourth, Every Sunset Has A Story off to the publishers. Katherine will be covering various topics from law to education and will be working on sharing a new ideology with the world. She believes in the Tharoorian School of Thought and is of the firm conviction that India would do better working with a more contemporary ideology.

2. Kaarthik Kumar - An avid reader and writer, Kaarthik is a PhD student who will be covering topics on Literature, Education and more. Kaarthik has worked with popular brands like Dell and Catalina Software in the past.

3. Janhavi Salvi -  An accomplished and talented young student, Janhavi is currently studying Film Making in Australia and wants to specialise in the art of constructing the Mise-en-scene. She will be working on introducing Young Indian Talents across the globe apart from highlighting different stories from Indians abroad.

4. Trupti Praful - A Counselor by Profession, Trupti has recently shifted to Australia and would be covering the issues that Indian immigrants face apart from writing on topics like Education and Books.

5. Guruprasad Shete - Preparing for his stint in Netherlands, Guruprasad is a young Environmentalist who will be talking about the challenges faced by India when it comes to energy sector and the potential workable solutions regarding the same.

6. Nehemiah Christie - Having represented the Christian community at various forums in India and abroad, Nehemiah is an accomplished Human Rights Defender based in India. He will be covering the Role of Minorities in the Indian framework and the issues faced by them

7. Archana Negi - A housewife with independent thoughts and a socially aware and sensitive Indian, Archana will be handling the Have Your Say column on The Relevant Indian

8. Akshay Pathak - A UPSC aspirant with a mind buzzing with ideas, Akshay will be highlighting the need to reform different aspects of society.


9. Chiranjit Malik - A Marketing Executive with a creative edge, Chiranjit has helped build the brainchild of this project: The Blueprint For Positive Progress

10. Amit Rawat - Social media Guru and Digital Marketing Expert, Amit will be the point of contact for Twitter and Instagram.

Disclaimer: The Relevant Indian is inspired by the works of Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Author, Diplomat and Member of Parliament for Thiruvanathapuram.  It is however, independent of him and neither seeks nor receives instructions or guidelines on any content published. Contributors sharing their opinions and thoughts do so in their individual capacities.

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I grew up with the lines of the song, 'iss desh ko rakkho mere bacchon sambhal ke' (keep this country safe, my

children). It's the youth who are always the future of every country and on you lies the responsibility of safeguarding our country's syncretic and cultural heritage. We've been doing it all these years and I pass the baton on to you.

Rana Safvi

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Whenever you find the whole world against you, just turn around and lead the world.


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P V Sindhu becomes first Indian World Champion in Badminton

Manasi Joshi wins Para Badminton World Championship

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28th August, 1976 - Second World Hindi Conference held in Mauritius.

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