The Relevant Indian A New Beginning & An Old Appeal

A New Beginning & An Old Appeal

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Dear Reader,

At the outset, Thank you for giving me and my team an opportunity to connect with you. At a time when India is undergoing phenomenal changes economically, socially and politically, it has become quintessential for 'Us' the citizens of this country to make our presence felt. As an AIPC fellow, I believed it was best to connect with the masses through the portal I deliver my personal best, and so here I am, connecting with you on this page!

To begin with, I take this opportunity to make clear that this is neither a fan page nor the product of a fan club. The thoughts and views of each of the writers, bloggers and vloggers and their deep conviction to the ideology we as a collective subscribe to, will enable you to realise this. On a personal front, yes I have been inspired by Dr. Shashi Tharoor's works which encouraged me to come up with the idea that India needs a more contemporary ideology to deal with the issues that we face. And what better than the 3 values of Liberalism, Pluralism and Soft Power?! My work is the nearly finished product (and I say this with caution because I am still learning a lot) of what I have learned from Dr. Tharoor's values and his views on India and the world, having connected with him a decade now.

In a fast paced world we the citizens of India must ask ourselves if we are indeed satisfied by the state of the nation today? It is while I was dealing with this question that I came up with the idea that I need to be relevant to my nation and its foundational principles. We are a country that is rich in its historical and socio-cultural heritage and yet today we are slaves to social ineptitude and political indifference. I have through the Tharoorian school of thought realized my need to be Relevant and hence The Relevant Indian.

It is easy to be an arm chair thinker of no consequence, but what if you got the platform that talked about things that matter to you? What if you could cut the media noise in the background and form your own opinion which would elicit proper individual and institutional response? While we are quick to lament on how we as a country are failing, we are equally hostile to the idea of taking on the onus of being the Change-Makers and Solution Seekers that India needs today.

As someone who is at that perfect age (or so I believe!) where my enthusiasm will not be brushed under the carpet as raw idealism, and not too old that my thoughts pass off as redundant and outdated I find myself in good stead to reach out to you and share my understanding of principles that have long existed in this country but today by a convenient lapse quite easily forgotten.

I write to you today in three capacities: a teacher out to be a changemaker, a Tharoorian who wants to be relevant and a citizen who wants to be heard. I seek to rouse the collective conscience of the Youth of this country, My Country- India.

So if you have a thought to share, a fresh perspective for others to learn, a concern to raise or a word of praise, The Relevant Indian wants to hear from you. So pick up your

gadget and connect with us via email at : or tweet us @relevantindians on Twitter. I want to matter to my country, Do you?

With a hope to meeting you again on this forum, as a reader And contributor, here's me signing off!


Katherine. Abraham


@katie_abraham on Twitter


Disclaimer: The Relevant Indian is inspired by the works of Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Author, Diplomat and Member of Parliament for Thiruvanathapuram.  It is however, independent of him and neither seeks nor receives instructions or guidelines on any content published. Contributors sharing their opinions and thoughts do so in their individual capacities.

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I grew up with the lines of the song, 'iss desh ko rakkho mere bacchon sambhal ke' (keep this country safe, my

children). It's the youth who are always the future of every country and on you lies the responsibility of safeguarding our country's syncretic and cultural heritage. We've been doing it all these years and I pass the baton on to you.

Rana Safvi

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