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Found your 15 minutes for the country? Write to us, have your say! This nation is yours, mine and ours!

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Give us your thoughts in a nutshell for our Miniatures column.Have 30? Then go ahead and write a blog post for us. Talk about issues that matter to you. (There are no upper word limits. 300 words works as well as 750!)

Share problems but more importantly, share solutions, so that we can work on getting them to the right people via the right channels.

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Disclaimer: The Relevant Indian is inspired by the works of Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Author, Diplomat and Member of Parliament for Thiruvanathapuram.  It is however, independent of him and neither seeks nor receives instructions or guidelines on any content published. Contributors sharing their opinions and thoughts do so in their individual capacities.

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I grew up with the lines of the song, 'iss desh ko rakkho mere bacchon sambhal ke' (keep this country safe, my

children). It's the youth who are always the future of every country and on you lies the responsibility of safeguarding our country's syncretic and cultural heritage. We've been doing it all these years and I pass the baton on to you.

Rana Safvi

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Whenever you find the whole world against you, just turn around and lead the world.


Changemakers this Week

P V Sindhu becomes first Indian World Champion in Badminton

Manasi Joshi wins Para Badminton World Championship

This Day, That Year

28th August, 1976 - Second World Hindi Conference held in Mauritius.

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